Boulder Real Estate Market statistics

Real Estate in Boulder County: Double Digit Annual Appreciation

With median prices of homes in Boulder surpassing the million dollar mark, some home buyers wonder if the lifestyle is out of reach. Real estate in Boulder County continues to appreciate in value by 14 percent a year, making it a smart investment for people who also love camping, hiking and scenic landscapes. According to a recent article by, residential markets in Boulder County recently posted their highest prices of the year. Boulder posted a median home price of more than $1 million. In Longmont, the median price recently hit $415,000, while the median price in Estes Park reached $468,000 and Fort Collins fell just short of $400,000 by about $5,000. If you plan to buy or sell real estate in Boulder County, consider the current housing market dynamics.

Less time on the market

At this time, homes sell fairly quickly. If you hoped to sell before school starts in the fall, it’s likely you will meet your goals. Real estate experts point out homes in Boulder sell in less than 50 days. Homes in Estes Park stay on the market for 106 days on average compared to 47 days in Longmont and 65 days in Fort Collins. In Greeley, homes stay on the market for an average of 48 days. To speed up the process, rely on a real estate agent with an aggressive marketing plan. Also, stage your home with beautiful art, furnishings and rugs that appeal to environmentally conscious and nature-loving buyers.

More stability than other cities

When buying a home, most people want to feel secure. While the housing market in California and Florida often experience dramatic volatility, one report shows Boulder County is extremely stable. A piece by, reports that a study last year showed home prices are up by 308 percent since 1991. A SmartAsset personal finance company ranked Boulder County as the most stable housing market in the country. In comparison, home prices throughout the country went up 128 percent in the same time period. Each year, Boulder County home prices grow by more than 14 percent compared to the 3 to 5 percent national average.

Living in Boulder County, Colorado appeals to so many home buyers because of the beautiful mountains, climate and healthy lifestyle and laid-back, relaxing attitudes. At Laura Guerra Real Estate, we specialize in Boulder County real estate. Talk to us about homes for sale in Lafayette, Boulder, Nederland, Longmont, Louisville, and surrounding areas. For more information on real estate trends, please contact me.