How to Save Money on Home Improvements That Boulder Homebuyers Crave

When selling your Boulder County, CO, home, zero in on the home improvements and upgrades that buyers look for in a home purchase. Even though people tend to get fixated on cosmetic improvements, a lot of potential buyers care more about what you can’t see such as insulation, energy-efficiency and solid construction. As far as cosmetic upgrades, some matter more than others. It’s more cost-effective to spend $5,000 on a minor remodel as opposed to $35,000 on a major renovation. According to a recent piece by, a minor kitchen remodel offers one of the best returns on investment. When house hunting, some potential buyers look for less expensive homes with outdated kitchens because they want to make home improvements. Other buyers want turnkey ready homes with remodeled kitchens. As a seller, don’t spend more money on a home improvement project unless you can recoup the money in your home sale. Of course, a fully renovated kitchen project typically costs more money than buyers pay. The goal is to increase your home’s value without over-developing your home.

Setting a budget

When making home improvements, set a realistic budget. Most experts suggest spending no more than 10 percent of your home’s value on kitchen remodels. If you own a $200,000 home in Boulder County, plan to spend no more than $20,000. With a $20,000 budget, you could easily change out the floors, paint the cabinets and add pendant lighting. If you own older appliances, consider buying a matching set for a uniform look. Some of the popular styles include the modern farmhouse look as well as transitional style which blends contemporary with traditional elements. A must-have for a farmhouse interior design is a farmhouse style kitchen sink as well as lighter or white cabinetry.

Figuring out the best DIY projects

If you aren’t handy, seek out a few estimates on various home improvement projects. If it’s something simple such as painting, putting in a backsplash or laying laminate flooring, consider a DIY class. Most home improvement stores offer classes on installing backsplashes and other weekend DIY projects. Backsplashes give your kitchen a more luxurious look. But it’s also a practical feature because it prevents cooking spills from ruining the walls. Balance cosmetic and practical features when making home improvements to sell your house for more money.

Boosting your ROI

Secrets for boosting the ROI (return on investment) include installing lower-grade granite with a lower price tag, replacing cabinet hardware instead of the cabinets themselves and adding inexpensive storage. Simply organizing the pantry often gives buyers an immediate benefit. Before spending money on new lighting fixtures, try first to thoroughly clean the fixtures as well as change out the lightbulbs. If that doesn’t do the trick, invest in new pendant lights. Buyers like a uniform look throughout the home so try to stick with the same materials and finishes. For example, if you choose bronze door knobs, use a bronze for pendant lighting and kitchen cabinetry hardware.

To save the most money, start with work you can accomplish on your own without professional labor. Oftentimes, deep cleanings cut costs. If cleaning doesn’t work, take it to the next level and hire professional help. Most contractors will help you figure out what to replace and what to repair in your home. Also, pay close attention to the home inspection. It’s smart to make all of the repairs and improvements before listing your home. Consult with an experienced real estate agent with insights into what buyers want in Boulder County.

At Laura Guerra Real Estate, we work with home sellers in Boulder County get their homes ready to sell. For more tips on which home improvements pay off when selling a Boulder County home, please contact us.